(NOTE: NEW INCOME TAX SLAB Calculator FOR Financial year 2013-14 is available, Please CLICK HERE to view)

Here is our free version of the latest Income Tax calculator for salaried Class in Pakistan for Tax Year 2013 (Financial Year 2012-13).

IT calculator tax year 2013

Any miscalculation or problems occurring  due to the free use of this software is not the responsibility of Masood & Masood. Marginal Relief is not calculated by this calculator. Contact us for exact calculations.


  1. Mehrooz

    I need a password kindly… Reason is that I am making a proposal and there are number of employees…. For them some are eligible and some are not… I want to use the formula so that the monthly taxable amount comes up automatically besides each name rather than me putting values one at a time….. pls reply at mehrooz.ahmed@hotmail.com

  2. Adeel Ahmed

    U have not added the reduction of 10 % medical allowance from the salary in your file. Please correct it
    my salary is Rs. 40,000/- per month
    i will reduce the 10 % from it and now remains 36,000
    on 40,000 (as per your file) my tax liability is Rs. 333.33 per month while in actual (after reduction of 10 %) my liability will be Rs. 133/Month.

  3. Robi Jamal Khan

    What exemption are available for 2013-14 under ITO for salary person. One is medical ..what could be other. we observed espacially bankers paid low tax.. Plz guid me

  4. Pervez Iqbal

    The salary of a government employ does not remain the same throughout the financial year as the annual increment is added in the month of December every year.
    2ndly, the 10% Medical allowance exemption is given on the salary paid by govt. under the head of Medical Allowance or the Basic pay of the BPS.

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