Here is our free version of the latest Income Tax calculator for salaried Class in Pakistan for Tax Year 2014 (Financial Year 2013-14).

Pakistan Salary Income Tax calculator tax-year-2014

Any miscalculation or problems occurring  due to the free use of this software is not the responsibility of Masood & Masood.  This is just rough estimate without adjustments, tax credits and others

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  2. ahmed bilal

    sir, sorry to say but this Tax calculator is not correct, There are total of 12 Slabs in 2013/2014 Budgeted Salary Tax. Plus the division of slabs does not match with the Divisions set in the Detailed Budget Rule Book.

    Kindly Clarify.

  3. Faisal Habib

    AOA, our company is offering us medical insurance for indoor treatment but no outdoor medical treatment. Do we qualify for medical allowance rebate? Please give the reference as well if possible

  4. Muhammad Sheraz

    I am 100% agree with Ahmed Bilal, The Calculation you have provided is for non salaries Individual and Association of person. Its different table define in budget 13-14 for salaries Person.

  5. Malik Saeed

    I am sure it is not for 2013-14, it relates to 2012-13. I received my salary other than the amount mentioned in this calculator. Please correct it. Thanks
    Malik Saeed

  6. Imran Malik

    I am involved in Research and Development activities, with a gross income of 63000 per month what should be the amount of tax since we had 75% tax rebate earlier. kindly guide.

  7. raheel ahmed

    My question is very simple is that 1 person is earning 35000 rs per month according to taxable slab it is liable to to pay tax e.g = 35000 * 12 = 420000, 420000-400000=20000, 20000*5%/12=83.33 per month but if we are allowing him 10% medical allowance than what will be calculation for this? does 10% reduced deducted from its taxable salary like 20000-(20000*10%)=18000, and than 18000 * 5% /12 = 75 per month deduction or what? plz do reply

  8. Mirza

    Is it true that for 2013 – 2014, the agents (employers) cannot adjust for withholding taxes (Electricity, Tax Credit on Insurance Premiums, School Fee etc) against the tax liability and only a refund has to be claimed?

    1. Masood

      As per legislature the adjustment related clause has been ommitted by the Finance Act, 2013. However there may be an argument that it is a grey area since it is not clearly stated that adjustment cannot be given. the benefit of law will go in favour of tax payer.

  9. Saud Javaid

    Thank You for sharing, this is very helpful for me!!!!!!!!!
    n also it is requesting to you could you pls share property rental income calculation with us for the year 2013-14.

    Saud Ahmed

  10. Afzaal Hussain

    Sir, I am salaried person with Annual income Rs 650,000/- month. After the lapse of almost 12 years the Govt employees are also asked to file income tax return though their tax is deducted at source. I request a calculation format to facilitate myself in filing or e-filing income tax return as well as wealth statement before sitting on PC. I do not know what will I have to face in prescribed forms.

    Best regards,
    Afzaal Hussain

  11. Hamad

    Appreciate your effort it is very helpful. Most of the people are asking same question and I have the same question. How taxable income is calculated for a salaried individual, what are the allowances and exemptions granted? Do you have any tool to support this calculation?

  12. azam

    Very good effort to place tax calculator on your site, May God bless you for this guidance, please make adjustments of medical allowance,as you said 10% of basic is,, can be deducted.

  13. kashif

    sir if a salary person per month salary is 100,0000/- and some allowances par day rate is 3000/- and no of day is 5 then how much tax on the month base. no of day change every month days are not constant

  14. Qaisar Nagrah Advocate

    Sir, my question is that in your tax calculator it doesn’t mentioned that the figure given in monthly salary Cell is without medical allowance or including medical allowance, and also pls guide me is there any other allowance exempt from tax

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