What are the types of Patents registrable in Pakistan?

There are various kinds of patents a company/person can apply for in pakistan under the patents Ordinancewhich include: An ordinary patent, which is dated as of the official date of the application for the patent […]

What is the Procedure to obtain patent in Pakistan?

Following procedure needs to be followed once a company intends to register a patent in pakistan: Filing the “Application”, accompanied by either a Provisional or a Complete Specification Filing the Complete Specification, if the Specification […]

Has Pakistan entered into Agreement for Avoidance of Double Taxation with other countries?

The Government of Pakistan has so far signed agreements to avoid double taxation with 47 countries including almost all the developed countries of the world and such agreements are being signed with other countries as well. […]

Banking and Finance in Pakistan

Due to boom in Pakistan’s Banking and financial sector  few years back, litigation has significantly increased due to two reasons. Banks in Pakistan are now operating more stringent policies to improve the recovery of Debts […]


COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION IN PAKISTAN Before we explain, the procedure and requirements for copyright registration in Pakistan, it is essential to understand what a copyright actually is? Copyright is literally, the right to copy, though in […]

What is the Process of Trademark Registration in Pakistan?

Following are the Steps for trademark registration in pakistan: Search before filing of Application. Filing of Application. Preliminary Examination. Final order for Publication. Printing in Trademarks Journal. Opposition Procedure. Issuance of Registration Certificate. Renewal of […]

What are the types of Businesses a person / company can start in Pakistan?

A person who intends to start/form a business in pakistan can work as any of the following given proper approvals and licenses are acquired by the individual/person : A sole trader A sole service provider A partnership […]