What are the advantages of Patenting in Pakistan?

A person/company acquiring a Patent in pakistan can enjoy many advantages which include:

  • A patentee’s right to the exclusive use of his invention would not be prejudiced by the fact that his invention is made known to others
  • The said exclusive right could be enforced legally
  • The protection enjoyed under the patents would enable the patentee to raise capital for working the invention on a commercial scale
  • If the patentee were not himself in a position to work the invention commercially, he would be able to make a profitable use of the invention by selling his patent, or by granting licenses to others permitting the use of his invention
  • Even where the inventor does not desire to earn profits by the use of his invention, a patent would enable him grant licenses judiciously, so as to secure on the one hand, sufficient inducement to manufacturers to take up the working of the invention, and on the other hand, to confer the benefit of his invention on the largest possible section of the public
  • A patent would enable the inventor to establish an official record of his invention