What are the Income Tax Rates applicable in Pakistan?

Income Tax Rates applicable in Pakistan.

 Following general rates of tax are currently applicable in Pakistan for tax year 2010:

  • Corporate Tax Rate: 0 upto  35% depending on company size and net tax profit
  • In case of loss(Section 113):  0.5% of Turnover (specific exemptions may be available.)
  • Services 6% on professional firms (accountants, Lawyers , Consultants, doctors etc)
  • Technical Services: up to 15 % depending on tax treaty
  • Dividend: up to 10 % depending on tax treaty
  • Payroll Tax: 0% to 20% varies with salary
  • General Sales Tax Rate: 0 upto 16% (depending on exemptions and type of industry
  • Custom Duty: 0 to 25%

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