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Masood & Masood (Corporate and Legal Consultants) is a top notch consultancy firm in Pakistan, providing business solutions with both technical and Legal Support. The Firm has extensive knowhow of the best practices in Pakistan Business Environment. We are frequently called upon to express our opinion on Legal , Compliance and Marketting Matters by various companies/individuals. Many Lawyers/Attorneys/Consultants and Solicitors bring disgrace to the profession by charging huge amounts for basic questions of Law. To discourage such practice, we are introducing this section to answer the most basic questions. Please feel free to ask.

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  1. I am retailer of personal apparel, with an annual turnover ranging from 4 million to 6 million.
    I exclusively purchase garments from a well established brand. what are the sales tax and income tax implications to this effect?

  2. I am a professional and right now I am required to perform a consultancy job abroad. What type of taxes would be applicable to my fee, in Pakistan, that I charge there. What is the percentage of it?

  3. we are getting services from supplier who deduct sales tax as per specified rates, kindly inform me could we deduct withholding tax on services as withholding agent.. please also quote me reference..

  4. Dear Sir,

    Which one is lies under final Tax Regime and Normal Tax Regime either u/s 114 or u/s 115 of ITO 2001?

    Either tax adjustment is allowed or not, if yes then which section is quoted in a situation “if a salaried individual e-filed annual IT Return of last year which shows tax refundable balance at the end, and tells his employer to adjust that tax refundable value from his current FY salary tax, so his tax refundable amount of last year, would be adjusted in current year”, is it possible or not? If yes then which section should be quoted, if tax authorities raise show cause notice.

    Waiting for your kind reply.

  5. according to pakistani law if there is any order given by family court so applicant and dependent both gone to session court because they are not agree with the order given by court and both give appeal in session court and session court is weakened so what will happen order given by family court ? this case is about child custody case.

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