Business Start-Up FAQs

What areas are of particular concern to make your business success in pakistan?

Effective Planning with Prompt and decisive leadership having clearcut goals are the keys to success in any business and the same is the case in Pakistan. Pinpointing exactly every area is difficult as businesses vary  due to business nature, business leader , business size, business morals and so on. The following key points should be kept in mind when developing a business plan and employing experienced experts like Masood and Masood to implement the plan is always a good idea.

  1. Finding a Niche Market – Know a market where you can sell
  2. Starting a Business – Sole Trader, Partnership, company, non-profit or else
  3. Leadership qualities and Corporate Culture
  4. Tax Planning
  5. Financing and financial Planning -Financial and Accounting Management
  6. Legal and Regulatory Issues
  7. Marketing Management – Marketing Goals, The Marketing Plan, The Marketing Mix, The Marketing Budget, Marketing Implementation, Technology and Marketing, Marketing with effective technolgy in Pakistan
  8. Strategies – Strategic Planning Models, Creating Strategic Alternatives, Implementation
  9. Debt OR Equity
  10. Communication – Knowing the Buyer
  11. Leadership and Decision Making  – Accountabilty, effectiveness, promptness and Plan B implementation.
  12. Legal Issues in Operations –  Agency and Employment Law, Torts Law, Sales and Products Liability, Intellectual Property,taxation,  Ehics
  13. Business Plan Development – Financial Projections, Common Mistakes
  14. Organizational Development and Change –
  15. Buying and Selling –  Preparing for Sale and Purchase,  Preparation, Corporate Culture

If you are determined to make your next move in business, even if its your first move, do let us know and we can do all the technical working for you, while you concentrate on achieving the creative edge over your competition.

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