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What is a Financial Fraud?

Financial crimes affect private individuals, companies, organizations and even states, and have a negative impact on the entire economic and social system through the considerable loss of money incurred.

Different types of fraud include confidence tricks  like lottery fraud, insurance fraud, tax avoidance, offshore investment scams, marriage fraud, pyramid schemes, cheque fraud, counterfeit money, mal practice by bankers, credit card fraud, lucky vouchers, offences under recovery of finances ordinance and so forth.

There are many different ways that these crimes can be committed, for instance by mail, fax, telephone, Internet or in person. By using social engineering techniques or sophisticated technical methods such as “phishing”, fraudsters are able to plunder bank accounts across the world not only in pakistan.

If you have been subject to such fraud or you are doubtful about a transaction, do let us know to do the probing and/or lodge civil/criminal suit against the fraudster.

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