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Hotel/Restraunt Registration and Taxation Law in Pakistan

Hotel/Restraunt Registration is mandatory for a food supplier in order to commence business in Pakistan. In Pakistan Law relating to food items which may or may not be served in hotels and restraunts is administered under various statutes and rules.The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Act, 1976 and The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Rules, 1977 were incorporated for the specific regulation of such restraunts. However, the law is extended over various statutes as taxes are dealt under sales tax Act, 1990 and Income tax Ordinance,2001. Agreements are administered under stamp act and so forth.
The law which deals with the registration and control of the hotels and restaurants is mainly found in The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Act, 1976 and The Pakistan Hotels and Restaurants Rules, 1977 .

Procedure for Hotel/Restraunt Registration in Pakistan
Owner of every restaurant or hotel shall from the opening apply to the controller for registration, without first getting the hotel or restaurant registered and obtaining a license under the Act no owner individual, firm, company) is allowed to carry on his business. For registration of a restaurant, the owner of the restaurant is rquired to conform to the standard of health, hygiene,comfort, medical certificates of staffs in good health, its building is structurally safe and to fulfill other requirements in accordance with law.

After getting registration the owner of the restaurant is required to obtain a license from the controller. Normally, registration and license are issued at the same time. A license granted shall remain in force for a period of one year and is renewable every year on payment of prescribed government fee.

Our Expertise

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  • We may help you Draft the lease agreement and/or registering the ownership deed.
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  • We may also help Draft of contract of employment with best possible tax structures.
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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am very much interested to open a small cafeteria. Do I have to register my company? and what are your fees for helping to register my business?

    Looking forward from you.

    Best Regards,


  2. i like to open takeway / delivery food business. is this need any reistration. if yes then pls give me estimate for this

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  4. Asslamo alikum, sir i want to know how to prepare financial statements of a restaurant? if you have some sample business plan of a restaurant in pakistan or some related information then plz mail me. looking forward. Naila Ashraf

  5. Hello,

    I want to open takeway / delivery food business. Can you please guide me further regarding this,


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  7. I am planning to open a restaurant like Ziafat or SaltnPepper Village. Need advice on the registration procedures and costs

  8. Hi
    im building a small entertainment Club In a city of Punjab, A 50 seated HD Cineplex, A Gaming Center (Xbox, Playstation) and a Cafe with Video projection and Foreground Music playback. (All 3 products combined in building)
    1 – Please advice what license or registration requirements and taxation?
    2 – do i need to have commercial plot approved by local Govt or else ?


  9. i want to open a guest house in karachi. Is there any registration requirement or can i initially start business by renting furnished rooms on trial basis? How should I design a form or agreement etc???

  10. why don’t you reply here on webpage so that other people who r seaking answers, should be benifited automatcally by reading ur answers ?

  11. Hello, Sir

    I want to open a takeaway / delivery food business. Can you please guide me further regarding this,


  13. I am facing legal deficulties on behalf of my restaurant now the local police seals my restaurant for some illogical rrasons. i am looking for legal advise how can i conntect u peraonally?

  14. Hello Sir

    I have open a cooking training institute as a pvt ltd and also planned to open a restaurant to sell out the food cooked in that institute.
    I need ur guidance that what type of taxes are applicable on both businesses
    as per my research 5% tax is applicable on fee exceeding Rs. 200,000/- per student plus 16% PRA
    is it correct???

  15. Sir i want to open a fast food kind of restaurant kindly guide me in registration and branding process

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