FAQs Pakistan Taxation

What are the Federal Taxes Applicable in Pakistan?

Following are major taxes collected vide law and legislation levied by the Pakistan Federal government.

  • Federal Government Taxes:
  • Income Tax
  • Super Tax
  • Wealth Tax
  • Gift tax
  • Turnover Tax
  • Corporate Asset Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax (A)
  • Import Duties
  • Import Surcharge
  • Export Duties
  • Iqra Surcharge
  • Income Tax on imports
  • Import Licence Fee
  • Import Registration Fee
  • Export Registration Fee
  • Central Excise Duty
  • Sales Tax on Manufactured goods
  • Capital Value Tax
  • Export development Surcharge
  • Development Surcharge on Petroleum
  • Gas Development Surcharge
  • General Sales Tax
  • Federal Education Cess
  • Workers Participation Fund
  • Workers Welfare Fund
  • Estate Duty
  • Zakat
  • Ushr
  • Oilseeds Development Cess on Companies
  • Tobacco Cess
  • Cotton Cess
  • Development Surcharge on Electricity
  • Textile Technology Cess
  • Airport Tax
  • Cargo throughout @ 2% charges freight charges and an additional three 3% for immediate clearance at Quaid-e-Azam Airport, according to an advertisement in daily, Business Recorder, February 12, 1998.
  • Capital Gain Tax

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