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What are the Steps/Process for Company Formation/Incorporation in Pakistan?

The Steps to formation/incorporation of a company in pakistan are as follows;

  1. Seek Approval from the concerned ministry if special permission before incorporation/formation of a  company in Pakista is required
  2. Seek approval for the availability of the proposed name.
  3. File  a range of documents to the Registrar which varies from company to company depnding on whether it is a single member company, private limited company, public listed company, public unlisted company, banking company, small company, foreign company and so forth.
  4. Apply for the attested copies of the documents filed
  5. Receive Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Commencement of Business
  6. Proceed with other registrations if required which may include local chamber of commerce, State Bank of Pakistan, Income Tax registrations, Sales Tax registration and so forth.

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