FAQs Legal Definations

What is a Financial Fraud?

Financial crimes affect private individuals, companies, organizations and even states, and have a negative impact on the entire economic and social system through the considerable loss of money incurred. Different types of fraud include confidence tricks  like lottery fraud, insurance fraud, tax avoidance, offshore investment scams, marriage fraud, pyramid schemes, cheque fraud, counterfeit money, mal […]

FAQs Intellectual Property Legal Definations

What is an Intellectual Property Crime?

Intellectual property (IP) crime is a generic term used to describe a wide range of counterfeiting and piracy offences. Trademark counterfeiting and copyright piracy are serious Intellectual Property crimes in Pakistan as around the world that: defraud consumers, threaten the health of patients, cost society billions of dollars in lost government revenues,foreign investments or business profits  violate […]

FAQs Legal Definations

How would you define Law?

Law is Noun and can be used a defined as follows: 1. Binding or enforceable rule: a rule of conduct or procedure recognized by a community as binding or enforceable by authority 2. Piece of legislation: an act passed by a legislature or similar body 3. Legal system: the body or system of rules recognized by […]

FAQs Legal Definations

What is Burden of proof?

The obligation of a party on one side of a dispute or issue to provide sufficient evidence in support of their position. A rule of evidence that makes a person prove a certain thing or the contrary will be assumed by the court. In criminal trials in Pakistan, the prosecution has the burden of proving […]