Agreement Drafting Services

Agreements drafted at Masood & Masood for our clients here in Pakistan and around the world have unique edge in that they are:

1.    Presentable

  • Clear and concise;
  • Well thought out and organized, with headings and “white space” for ease of reading;
  • Logical numbering system to assist later when discussing parts of the agreement;
  • Readable and understandable by the parties;
  • Aiming for certainty of meaning; 

2.    Acceptable & Objective Oriented 

  • As simple as possible while still expressing the intention of the parties and protecting each party’s interests;
  • Achieves all parties’ reasonable expectations and accurately reflects the agreement the parties have reached.

 3.    Legal Correct

  • Makes sure Offer and Acceptance occur while a consideration can be defined. it is through the   exchange of “good and valuable consideration” that an agreement becomes enforceable
  • Avoid Contra proferendum – if a court ever has to interpret an ambiguity in the agreement, it is usually  construed in favour of the party who did not draft it, as there is an assumption that the drafting party is at somewhat of an advantage.
  • Prepared on the basis on prevalent legislation and case law, to reinforce the legal position.

 4.    Certainty of subject matter and terms 

  • An agreement may well be unenforceable in spite of offer, acceptance and consideration if the subject matter or important terms of the agreement are vague or ambiguous, giving rise to disagreement between the parties as to what was actually agreed upon.

 5.    Factually Correct 

  • conducting the necessary investigations such as Land Title Office searches, Corporate Registry searches, Personal Property Registry searches, Court Registry searches, Appraisals, inspections, environmental assessments, structural assessments, reference checks, personal interviews and so on to make the agreement factually correct be appropriate or necessary?

 6.       Legal Liability & Tax Implication

  • Make sure minimal fall backs and the agreement is tax efficient at the same time.

If you get all the components right you get an agreement, well drafted, enforceable, objective oriented and legally valuable.

Masood & Masood offers to draft following agreements for our clients:

Employee and Human Resources (HR) Agreement and Contracts
Consulting Agreements and Service Contracts Contracting Agreements Salaried or Hourly Employee Agreements
Recruiting Agreements Training Agreements Employment Agreements
Equipment and Asset Management Agreement and Contracts
Equipment Lease (Master and Sub) Equipment Purchase Lease vs. Buy Analysis
Repair and Maintenance Contracts Equipment Schedule Fleet Leases
Facilities Management Agreement and Contracts
Real Estate Leasing Lease vs. Buy Analysis
Repair and Maintenance Contracts    
Government Agreement and Contracts
GPO Contracts General Government Contracts  
Healthcare Agreement and Contracts
Physicians Agreements Hospital Agreements Employment Agreements (Consulting, Recruiting, Training)
Clinical Contracts Non-Clinical Contracts  
Insurance Agreement and Contracts
Insurance License Insurance Services  
Intellectual Property (IP)
Information Technology (IT) Agreement and Contracts
IT Hardware Procurement IT Hardware Sales IT Hardware Resale
IT Software Procurement IT Software Sales IT Software Resale
IT Services IT Software License Agreement Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Legal Agreement and Contracts
Matter Management Risk Management General Legal Contracts
Lease vs. Buy Analysis Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) Trademark Licensing
Intellectual Property Agreements (IP)    
Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
Procurement, Purchasing, and Buy-Side Agreement and Contracts
Supplier Contracts IT Hardware, Software, and Services RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ)
Equipment Purchase Vendor Agreements Supply Chain Contracts
Real Estate and Leasing Agreement and Contracts
Property Leasing Master Leases Sub Leases
Lease vs. Buy Real Estate Agreements  
Retail Agreement and Contracts
Purchasing Agreements Sales Agreements Broker Agreement
Design Agreement Install Agreement  
Sales or Sell-side Agreement and Contracts
Proposals RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ) Sales Agreements
IT Hardware, Software, and Services Vendor Agreements Supplier Agreements
Resale Agreements    
Services Agreement and Contracts
Consulting Service Contracts IT Service Contracts Maintenance Service Contracts
Repair and Maintenance Contracts Service Level Agreements (SLA) Administration Services
Professional Services    
Strategic Agreements and Contracts
Partner Agreements Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) Intellectual Property (IP)

 In case you are entering an arrangement and want to give it legal and moral cover, do let our team know so that they can draft a quality agreement for you.

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