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Banking Law Lawyers in Pakistan

There was a boom in Pakistan’s Banking and financial sector  few years back, which has now taken a U-TURN, and the Banks which were once determined to increase deposits at any cost are now reluctant to increase there capital costs , therefore Banking industry has been struck with depression. Coupled with high inflation and ever increasing cost of living in Pakistan, many consumers who were once seen as risk free by banks are being denied lendings. This adverse scenario has resulted in litigation at a high rate in the Banking sector of Pakistan. Banks in Pakistan are now operating more stringent policies to improve the recovery of Debts, while some aggressive banks have started to use measures that are sometimes so offensive that basic consumer rights have been  violated many a times. This is where we come in, our main objective being to resolve the issue in the most amicable fashion, however, Legal suit may be used as a last resort.

Most offences under Banking and Finance are administrated under Financial Recovery Ordinance, 2001 in Special Courts named as Banking Courts in Pakistan. These Banking courts are 29 in number all over Pakistan. Offences may also be tried under civil courts and through other courts if circumstances permit.

One of biggest drawback of engaging an unreliable Banking lawyer/ Attorney in pakistan is that many lawyers have brought discredit to the profession by selling their cases, especially their banking cases to opposite parties. The main aim of such banking lawyers / Attorneys is to prolong cases and earn heavy litigation bills from both sides, and by both sides we mean literally both sides.

The edge the Lawyers/Attorneys at Masood and Masood provide over our competitors is that our prospective clients are given full confidence that no attorney or lawyer of our law firm will ever engage in such unlawful and immoral conduct which brings disrepute to the profession, the law firm and at the same time loses the case of his client without any proceedings. Lawyers and Attorneys at Masood and Masood strives to reduce litigation times to a minimum. Our repute in the Pakistan market as Banking Law Lawyers/Attorneys is one of trust and justice at the most optimum speed. In many circumstances in Banking Law practice, it is always preferable and advisable  to use arbitration, however, the lawyers and attorneys at Masood and Masood will only provide arbitration services after the  express approval of our esteemed Clients ( Banks and/or Consumer Clients alike) .

The Banking Law Division, which comprises of specialist Banking Law Lawyers and Consultants provides a whole range of legal advisory services to Banks and Consumers alike in Pakistan. Our services include policy and legal advisory, drafting and advocacy services, covering both domestic and international transactions.

Our Expert Banking Lawyers /Attorneys are groomed to value reliability and quality of work along with no negligence policy threrefore, Masood and Masood stands out as the premium Law Firm providing Banking Law Services in Pakistan. Here at this world class law firm we strive for excellence with perfection  in all aspects of our relationship between banks and customers.


We deal with various legal issues regarding modern banking, relating to the traditional activities of taking deposits from customers, paying out on demand and lending money to all kinds of asset securitization. We  have extensive experience of advising, consulting, negotiating, litigating, providing policy advice and acting on behalf of national and international banks, donors and borrowers on secured and other lending transactions.


Banking Law Lawyers and Attorneys of Masood and Masood provide the following services in pakistan in relation to Banks and/or Consumers of Banks

  • Loan transactions and related security (particularly guarantees) both personal and corporate
  • Swaps and Derivatives
  • Pertinent aspects of the law of insolvency
  • Receivership and company law
  • Constructive trusts and tracing of assets
  • letters of credit
  • performance bonds
  • letters of comfort
  • bills of exchange.
    Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Negotiations
  • Short Term and Long Term Financing and Bridge Financing
  • Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees
  • Restructuring of Loans
  • Revival of Sick Units etc.
  • Refinancing
  • Project finance
  • Securitization and other structured finance.
  • Banking attorneys at Masood and Masood works closely with clients in a wide range of secured and unsecured loan transactions and other credit transactions, including participation arrangements.
  • Banking Lawyers at the law firm provide corporate clients with comprehensive legal audit and due diligence services.
  • The Law Firm have knowledge with regard to new and creative financing techniques being utilized in Pakistan such as Asset Securitization and Term Finance Certificates and their private placement or public issue.
  • Banking Lawyers at Masood and Masood  also specializes in securities offerings, debt restructuring, and loan workouts on a corporate or nation wide scale.
  • Masood & Masood(Corporate & legal Consultants) also have specialised experience with regard to Shariah Law transactions, modes of finance and jurisprudence.
  • And the list goes on

Our corporate law firm provide our clients with expert practical legal advice regarding Financial Institutions (Recovery of Finances) Ordinance 2001, the State Bank of Pakistan Prudential Regulations relating both to Banking as well as Non-Banning Financial Institutions and all regulatory concerns of Financial Institutions.

Because of extensive knowledge of the specialist lawyers and attorneys at work at Masood and Masood we have a definite edge in the financial services industry,our expert lawyers are often called upon to provide legal opinions concerning proposed and pending legislation. We hope that the above brief  presentation regarding our Banking Lawyers and Banking Law Practice in Pakistan will convince you to entrust us with your legal issues.  Hope to see you soon.

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