E-Commerce Websites

Don’t feel content with a physical showroom in pakistan build an effective website with e-commerce utility through Masood and Masood and increases your limited product reach to global market. This may also be called a virtual office and show space.

 E-Commerce refers to the ability of a customer to purchase a product or service online, from your website, in an automated manner. There are a variety of ways to implement e-commerce solutions depending on your company’s specific needs and objectives.

There are several components to creating an e-commerce website, from shopping carts that allow the purchase of multiple products, to payment gateways for processing credit card transactions. Masood & Masood can help your business throughout the entire process.

Our development team has built loads of e-commerce websites and works in conjunction with our marketing specialists to ensure that the functionality is congruent with a user friendly front-end. Some of the software solutions that we commonly implement include OS Commerce,  WordPress, and a variety of shopping carts. We also work with a number of 3rd party vendors to implement a solution that addresses your specific needs. In many cases, we can build the functionality specifically for your business.

Masood & Masood can provide all the services you need to successfully build, market, and maintain your e-commerce business. We can manage your domain name registration and offer PCI compliant hosting services to ensure that your website is always available when your customers want to shop.

We can even assist you in setting up a payment gateway and procuring a merchant credit card processing account so that you can collect payments from your customers in real-time.

Please use our online contact form today for more information on selling your product or service online.

E-commerce websites can include many different features depending on the customers need(s). Many customers choose from the more popular items listed below:

Custom Ecommerce Shopping & Cart Features List

    * Compatible with all popular web browsers
    * Fully customizable design
    * Temporary/Session/Permanent Shopping Cart
    * Quick Checkout
    * Customer Sign-in
    * Automated “Lost Password” Recovery
    * Automated confirmation emails
    * Search for Products by keyword
    * Advanced search with different fields
    * Order status known to customer
    * Online credit card payment processing with Authorize.Net
    * Live shipping rate integration with different shipping methods
    * Easy administration of the site from the administrative control panel

Shopping Cart

    * Multi-session shopping cart
    * Multiple shipping addresses
    * Multiple billing addresses
    * Multi-part shipping – Schedule shipping date for each item in the shopping cart
    * Temporary / Permanent Shopping Cart
    * Show items & total value of shopping cart on the top bar
    * Quantity update option while viewing shopping cart

Product Navigation

    * Unlimited Level of categories & Sub categories
    * Category wise product listing
    * New release products
    * Most selling / Top sellers
    * Featured Products
    * Hot products
    * Product placement for specified period of time
    * Product attributes with unlimited options associated with it
    * Product attribute associated price
    * Image upload
    * Multiple images for a product
    * Special images of products for various occasions
    * Short description for display in product listing
    * Segregated Long description in different sections
    * Inactive products inaccessible to customers but maintained in database
    * Inventory Control

Customer Services

    * Offers or discounts on particular category
    * Admin can access data of customers from database
    * Customer orders can be accessed separately or from order view
    * Registered members can view real time status of the order
    * Automated email forwarding at each stage to customer and site administrator
    * “Remember User” option so customers do not need to enter login details each time
    * Lost password recovery (secure)
    * Get discount, and offers limited to registered customers
    * Order receipt & auto mail on shipping
    * Newsletter subscription
    * Post customer review for product
    * Participate in poll & view poll results
    * Email product to friend
    * Bookmark the page for future reference

Customer Account features

    * View search history
    * View order history & real time status of the order
    * View & change profile
    * Create personal & business profile
    * Change password
    * Delete account
    * Send request for catalog

Order Management

    * Order detail view from administrative control panel area
    * Change in Order status from admin area for all phases of order
    * Orders list of each customer
    * Auto generated order number
    * Search order by customer, date, number, status
    * Edit orders

Payment Processing

    * Integration with payment gateway as per the requirement of the customer
    * Currency conversion
    * Tax calculation
    * Secure online payment
    * Accept all cards supported by payment gateway (Authorize.net recommended)
    * Credit card verification
    * Address verification system (AVS)

Shipping & Tax

    * Shipping cost calculation based on shipping destination & weight
    * Sales Tax or VAT calculation
    * Dynamic Shipping rates based on shipping method
    * International Shipping
    * Restrict Shipping by location
    * Free shipping
    * Shipping Confirmation by mail
    * Shipping from multiple location

    * Shipping on different dates In today’s world of online collaboration and Web 2.0, you need a company with a proven track record of developing websites and the marketing plan to make them profitable and M&M can do the job for you.We look forward to work for you in order to establish a more business friendly environment.



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