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Predatory lending has been a big problem in Pakistan Banking system. Some customers feel defrauded once the actually start paying lease installments to the bank and the terms are not that they were conveyed initially. In such cases some customers default and Bank may use their complex web of documentation to pressurize the customers into paying unimaginably high amounts. This is where M&M comes in to the rescue. If you think your bank has defrauded you in any way or is pressurizing you into paying monies which were not agreed by you you can get in touch with us so that we assist you in the appropriate legal way to defend your rights against the Banks.

If you feel you cannot pay the Banks due to any reason and  need some legal respite and cushion M&M may be able to creat the same for you after reviewing the documentation of your case. We are panel lawyers for many Banks and we may also be able to bring about an amicable solution between you and your Bank in Pakistan, if you ask us.

Predatory lending occurs when a borrower enters into a loan transaction with terms and conditions that are abusive, unfair, and deceptive. Although several provincial and federal laws are designed to deter predatory lending tactics, the most effective deterrent is an informed consumer.

Contact us and we may be able alleviate or reduce any problem or legal battle you may have with any Bank in Pakistan. Contact Us Now.

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