Corporate Taxation

Taxation of income has a significant bearing on the returns to investors and any ill-informed decision may effect the ultimate tax burden. Compliance with various regulatory provisions of tax laws is another area which is time consuming and cumbersome. Keeping abreast with the developments in tax laws and evaluating their impacts results in significant economic benefit. Timely compliance with the regulatory requirement not only requires additional man power, sometimes, at much higher cost but may also affect the other activities of the organization. In order to satisfy needs of our clients, the firm provides full range of services to suit any business enterprise, be it in the form of advise or compliance assistance.

Our range of services in the area of corporate taxation include:

  • Advisory services including determination of income and chargibility of tax, exemptions, and withholding tax matters
  • Compliance services relating to corporate taxation
  • Representations before field tax authorities
  • Representations before Central Board of Revenue
  • Representations in appeals 
  • Representing various organisations on different forums
  • Personal Taxation

Individuals of high net-worth are prone to tax default and inefficient planning, due to scarcity of time, which results in higher incidence of tax. Their situation becomes more critical in view of their varying interests and sources of income. Although, tax compliance is the responsibility of the individual concerned, but generally organizations do provide such services to the employees, as an additional benefit. In order to minimize the risks of default and higher incidence for the high net-worth individuals and to assist the organization in fulfilling their assumed responsibilities, the firm has developed a range of service, which includes:

  • Tax planning for expatriates
  • Compliance services in respect of personal taxation
  • Advisory services on minimizing tax exposure or increasing tax saving

16 Replies to “Corporate Taxation

  1. can one manufacturing unit registered on sales tax by two different tax payeres at a time. and tax on rice exporter/manufacturer( please briefly describe). and will you help us on refund issues of our sales tax. please send us your quote on this matter

  2. can anyone tell me , CNG station setup after 2011 ,can claim tax credit for newly established entitiy?
    CNG is an industry according to every defination of a dicitonary and as it takes the raw material and process it and convert the raw material into finishded good ( CNG ).

    1. Prima Facie it will come under the exemption however the same may be contested by tax office and final decision will be reached by competent court to settle the matter. Currently we have not gone through a CNG station similar precedent/judgement. If you need us to prepare the case for you let us know.

  3. dear please let me know the new Withholding tax rate on supplies and services of 4% & 7% only applies to individual whereas for PVT limited companies old rates are applicable please need your earliest response

    1. Reference to your query the following may be helpful :

      In case of Sale of Goods(153(1)(a)): (previously 3.5 Percent and 1.5 % for rice exporters)

      • 3.5 Percent of gross amount in case of companies
      • 4 Percent of gross amount for payment to other than companies

      In case of Sale of rendering and providing of Services (153(1)(b)) ( previously 2 percent for transporters and 6 Percent for others)

      • 6.5 Percent of gross amount in case of companies
      • 7 Percent of gross amount for payment to other than companies

      In case of Contractual Payments (153(1)(C)) ( previously 6 percent)

      • 6 Percent of gross amount in case of companies
      • 6.5 Percent of gross amount for payment to other than companies

  4. thanx for your reply can you please tell me the source from where i got written evidence as i go through the fbr website and sro’s, finance bill but nothing clarify this.

  5. Sir my question is regarding the 10% of advance tax on gathering and functions,
    If a person arranging a seminar/workshop in the hotel and hotel manager makes the invoice with the amount of withholding of 10%. Suppose bill amount is 100000 but after adding advance tax the amount is to be 110000. But at the time of payment the person whom the tax is deducted, will deduct the tax tax of 7% on services and release the payment?????

  6. Hi,
    If I have a company and we are three partner in the firm, each partner got more than 2 million end of the year. The tax would be pay on the company income or by individual after getting profit.

  7. Sir referring to your above comment regarding withholding of tax (Services) in case of Company. The rate is 6% right ?

  8. Respected Sir,
    I have earned commission income from London and which in transferred in my private limited company account but bank has deduct 5% W.H.Tax. Please guide is it applicable on company and on foreign income. If Yes please refer with Income Tax ordinance section and FBR Circular.

  9. Sir, please guide me about section 236D. 10% will be charged after Sales tax {(100*1.16)*1.10} or prior to sales tax {(100*1.10)*1.16}.

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