Indirect taxation

There has been a growing emphasis by the Government of Pakistan on the indirect tax, more particularly on the Sales tax. The forthcoming introduction of Reformed GST by the government has also made it difficult to keep track of ongoing changes. Lack of knowledge on the part of tax administrators/ tax payers and rampant changes in the law has made it complicated to comply with such changes. This has resulted in increase in cost to the tax payer M&M has mobilized its resources and established a separate department to meet client’s needs.

M&M provides full range of indirect tax services which interalia include sales tax system evaluation, sales tax audit, sales tax advisory and services tax advisory.

5 Replies to “Indirect taxation

  1. can u plz tell what all refunds and reliefs a salaried person can get. eg on car reg, domestic air line ticket, en cashment of cheque etc. Actually i need a complete list for my assignment. Looking fwd for a fav action plz. Regards

  2. Hi, can you please tell me that is there any tax on the person who is paying his children school fees which exceeds rs. 200,000/= in total per year? regards.

  3. Can you please guide me about how the withholding tax (e.g., that is deducted on profit in bank accounts etc…) is mentioned in income tax return form?


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