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What is the Law for Leases (LandLord & Tenant Law) In Pakistan?

Law for the Landlord

Landlord must ensure that lease of an immovable property is executed in writing. Lease of immovable property for a period of less than a year does not require compulsory registration. However, lease of immovable property for a period of more than a year must be registered.

If the tenant refuses to pay rent, or for any other reason as stated in the lease agreement and allowed under the law, the landlord may terminate the lease. If the tenant refuses to vacate the premises the landlord may file an ejectment petition before the relevant rent controller.

Law for the Tenant
Tenant must ensure that he makes payment of the rent either through a crossed cheque, or where payment is made through some other mode, then a receipt must be obtained from the landlord. In case the landlord unlawfully or unjustifiably attempts to evict the tenant, the tenant may file a petition before rent controller in addition to availing other legal remedies as advised by his counsel.

2 Replies to “What is the Law for Leases (LandLord & Tenant Law) In Pakistan?

  1. My tenant’s rent agreement is going to be expired on 31-12-2012 and I don’t want to have any new or further agreement with him. I have given him one month’s notice as well, however, he is refusing to evacuate the shop. He told me that he would get stay order against evacuation.
    In our current agreement, it is clearly written that: “If the Lessor wants to get vacated the said premises, then the Lessor will serve one month’s notice to the Lessee. Moreover Lessee shall not file any kind of suit premanent or temporary injuction in any court of Law against his/her/their ejectment on receipt of such notice, whatsoever the case maybe.”
    Kindly guide what can be done against him.

  2. My landlady has renewed our agreement 2 months ago for a year and now she wants us to vacate the apartment within two months….we have been paying rent on regular basis and have been clearing our dues diligently ….I need to know what is my right here as a tenant as the demand for vacating after signing agreement came at once…….

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