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What is the step by step process of establishing a business in Pakistan?

Business Startups in Pakistan require a host of corporate formalities which may vary due to

  • Legal Person Involved : Individual , Partnership , Company or else.
  • Residence status of the legal person: Non-residents may require more registrations and approvals to go through
  • Business Sector: Service Industry, Manufacturing , non-profit and so forth.

Many departments of pakistan has been made fully up beat with latest technolgy and some registrations like company registration have been fully automated with a few bugs ofcourse. Many steps can be completed online, however, objections and/or questions of law raised by the departments are easily handled through competent lawyer/solicitor and/or Attorney .This is where Masood & Masood can do all your paper work, while you sit in your office and do more constructive work towards managing your business.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Pakistani national identity card  and /or passport copies of non-residents
  • Paper work drafted by Masood and Masood
  • and that’s it

Complete Legal formalities will differ as mentioned suppra,however,  as a general guideline following will be needed to be done in order to setup a completely legtimate business in Pakistan:


  1. Form a company / partnership / sole propritership under applicable legislation and individual circumstances.
  2. Open Up Bank Account
  3. Obtain a National Tax Number
  4. Obtain a SAles Tax Number (IF required)
  5. Register for the Pakistani Professional Tax with your local tax office
  6. Seek Approval from state bank of Pakistan  for issue of shares (non-residents mostly)
  7. Register any agreements drafted for foreign remmittances with the State Bank
  8. Register with the Employee Social Security Institution (ESSI
  9. Gain membership of local chamber of commerce and or engineering council.
  10. Register Trademarks, Copyrights and/or patents
  11. Register for old age benefits with the Pakistani Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI).
  12. Register with the Pakistan Shops and Establishment Ordinance.

In case you require our assistance to complete the above for you like a one click installation, do leave a message and  an M&M representative will get in touch with you shortly.

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  1. Can you please guide me on saving taxes while setting up a new company in Pakistan, like if there’s something we can do to get exemption from some of the taxes?

  2. AOA
    Sir I want to start tax consultancy on sole proprietership basis. what steps will be required to be taken. plz guide me.

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